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Our activity

IZInovation offers comprehensive advice and support to manufacturers for all regulatory procedures necessary for the production, import or marketing of active substances or biocidal products. We produce robust and credible data for use in applications for BPR PT18 and PT19 products, as well as to the EPA. Our team of experienced researchers has extensive expertise in planning and conducting laboratory trials, as well as simulated and real-world use scenarios. These analyzes evaluate the effectiveness of various formulations and applications.


  • BPR PT18: Insecticides, Acaricides and other arthropods

We perform laboratory tests and simulations on a variety of pests, such as urban insects (cockroaches, silverfish, wasps, mites, flies, spiders, ants), public health insects and vectors of diseases (ticks, bed bugs, biting flies, mosquitoes, lice), as well as those affecting animal health (fleas, poultry mites, stable flies), beetles and moths present in stored products, as well as wood-eating insects/termites.


  • BPR PT19: Repellents and attractants

We conduct laboratory tests, simulations and field trials to evaluate arthropod repellents (including space repellents) and attractants on a wide range of species, including ants, bedbugs, midges biting, cockroaches, fleas, flies around horses and grazing cattle, fruit flies, stable entrance flies, head lice (in vitro), mosquitoes, insects and mites which attack stored goods, those which attack textiles, ticks and wasps.


  • Animal health products
  • Pest control devices and insect traps
  • Packaging penetration study

Tailor-made study

Our expert teams based in Europe and the United States are ready to discuss with you your data requirements for registration, research and development, or other necessary testing. We are able to customize our study designs to your specific testing needs.

Marketing study

IZInovation develops tailor-made protocols to meet unique product specifications, ensuring the provision of objective marketing data and the possibility of comparison with competing products.

Internal colonies

By breeding our own pest colonies, we ensure the use of high quality organisms, allowing us to conduct studies in a timely and efficient manner.

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